Mandy Lane’s artistic practice is rooted in her identity and personal history as a woman living and working in one of the more deprived areas of Llanelli.

“It is a practice that has had to be knitted into my survival as a single mother with four kids. I am a participant and to some extent an activist in that community. My work has allowed me to access and communicate with a range of social groups through projects that engage artists as active participants.  I am particularly interested in the historical and contemporary voices of working-class mothers and children in Wales. I have thought in depth about what it means to be a woman in poverty. This interest being an outgrowth of my own problematic experiences as a child. My work is driven by my experience with the world. Complexities of the domestic and displaced. My practice draws from my understanding of the family, family ritual and relationships within the lone family unit, the mother, mam, mammy and child.  My own work could be seen as a collection of stories published in a variety of forms: sculptures, drawings, text and interventions.  Although there is much evidence that things are changing and that gender is becoming more fluid and equality is evident, many institutional prejudices and barriers to equality also remain as strong as ever.”

Mandy’s work seeks to challenge this.

Artist Residencies

Elysium This Is Is This Space 2017

Wales Arts Review 2017

Arcade Cardiff  2017-18

Shift Remembering Inanna 2019

Artist Talks

2018 Women’s history archive conference

2017 Glynn Vivian

2017 Elysium

2017 Carmarthen School of Art; Visiting Lecture Program


2017 Research as art Swansea University, collaboration with Professor Kirsty Bohata – Highly commended

2015- 3rd prize Shelf Life exhibition, Manchester

2013- Student of the Year – Carmarthen School of Art

2010- Coleg Sir Gar winner of best painting at end of year exhibition, awarded by an independent Art Society


Sculpture Cymru

HEA Fellowship

Iron Maidens II Made in Wales


2018 Women’s history archive conference

2018 Evaluating creativity, Tate, London

2018 2 worlds 1 universe, Arts and education network, mid wales

2017 Creative Practitioner Training, Arts Council Wales, Swansea

2017 Thinking and IAPS joint conference ‘Think for Yourself! Strategies to increase the independence of learners’, London

2017 10 years in iron, Contemporary Art Society, Cardiff

2017 Pride and Prejudice a symposium for the LGBT history month, Swansea university

2016 ArtWorks Cymru Conference, mid Wales






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